The Positive Effect of playing domino

The Domino effect can Work both in a negative and positive manner so I will attempt to explain both. It is about one thing in your life has a direct impact on different matters in your life as a consequence all.  will use a very simple example that  am confident that you might have partly gone through too; certainly did, but thank God it was the time when  began to read self development books, or else  hate to predict what might happen to be Jack a fictional character, was a middle aged fellow, happily married with his wife. He was a car salesman making an average salary, in a part of the city in a mean house autumn time Jack was able to trigger a craving appetite. He excused himself of his body needed those additional calories to keep up with his actions and the crave because it was getting cold this continued for the next few months Walking from the car Park a mere 150 meters, to his workplace was not even evident for Jack but he struggled to walk into his office. Because his body was playing tricks on 19, from the time he was there he was out of breathe.

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He was greeted by his boss the next morning and reminded him that he had an important meeting in two hours with Mrs. and Mr. Smith who showed an interest to purchase not 1 but 2 cars. His boss noticed that Jack asked if he was alright and looked pale. At that stage, as Jack was out of breath, because he could not even recall who Mr. and Mrs. Smith were, he’d feel a little dizzy and began to worry. It was the remark of his boss or the nausea. Jack did not give the Attention the Smiths needed, to make the sale, because concern and his fear for his health were important at that moment. This is currently where the Negative Domino Effect begins to really kick. Due to his health issues, Jack missed a fantastic opportunity on the job and not only did not impress, but neglected intentionally in his boss’ eyes.

Second gear of the Negative Effect – Jack goes home and leaves work. No, his spouse is not messing around with the neighbor if that is what you are thinking. Jack is angry and disappointed. Thinking of how his boss defeated, not to mention his bonus at the end of the month, he was in no mood. Seeing that Jack was In no mood for explanations, his wife offers to take the dog for a walk in the park with Jack, merely to get him out of their home among Jacks previous daily duties. Jack is in no disposition that is and angrily demands to be left alone in a sulking attitude that is babyish. Hence the wife decides to take the dog for a walk by herself and leaves Jack sulking on the couch facing the a.v. That is where Jack’s Spouse’s Positive dominoqq Effect is ready to start